About us

Euroflock snc

Euroflock is a well-established company in shop window items market, mainly focused on customers’ needs.
Was born 50 years ago in Milan, where it develops and grows according to market’s demands, specifically in window dressing and subcontractors processing.
It represents a small artisanal business. It works with the aim to fully satisfy the market itself with regard to their articles.
In these 50 years our passion has brought us many gratifications: loyal customers, good reputation for reliability, and an infinite professional background.


Experience, innovation, creativity.
50 years of communication and expertise alongside customers grown with us.


What we do

Euroflock is well-advanced regarding the output of samples with any colour and type of material (polystyrene foam, plastic, wood, polyurethane, etc.).
Our processing includes a wide range of products, from jewelry displays for:
· Costume.
· Furnishings.
· Processing of industrial technical products.